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Tony Rose
SHE Operational Excellence Manager

“The Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) team is one of the most important departments in the business,” says Tony Rose, SHE Operational Excellence Manager at EMR. “I’ve always been a great believer that if things are done in a safe way, they are also done more efficiently.”

Tony Rose

While his team plays a key role in ensuring EMR maintains and improves its market-leading standards for health, safety and environmental protection, it does so by supporting and engaging the business at every level.

“The SHE team is there to get the right culture embedded – the SHE culture,” he says. “With the dedication of our team and the support of the wider business we have made great progress, having already achieved ISO certification at numerous sites and continuing towards certification at all sites, building our reputation for excellence in this area.”

And, importantly, Tony says other areas of the business know they can come to his team with queries and potential issues as and when they arise.

“The SHE team is very much an approachable source of knowledge on issues of safety and environment protection – and that doesn’t necessarily have to be in a formal setting. The great thing about the SHE team is we get out there so that we’re there to help when somebody has an issue, whether they are a site manager, area general manager or someone on the yard. EMR employees know that if they need some information or have some concerns, they can speak to my team and their concerns will always be taken seriously and be dealt with.”

The SHE team also ensures that safety and environmental protection – not short-term profit – remains the top priority at EMR.

Tony has been with EMR for 16 years and worked in the engineering sector prior to this. He says he’s seen a significant change in the way that the metal recycling industry sees its role with regard to health and safety in this time, particularly when it comes to mental health.

“There are some things which SHE specialists and managers will support with that isn’t written into their roles and responsibilities. Mental health is a great example and my team will quite often be some of the first people employees go to.”

EMR is investing in this area of support, with training provided for employees who want to become ‘Mental Health Champions’. Tony says he was quick to sign up:

“Mental health as an issue has come to the fore now, but I can assure you it’s been around a lot longer than that. When I was managing in engineering 25 years ago I’d have staff approach me with issues. It’s only now we’re shining a light on it… at last.”

Elsewhere, Tony says his role is all about prioritising – with projects and queries arising from throughout the business on any given day.

“As SHE Operational Excellence Manager, my role is about strategic planning and giving advice to my team, operations and others across the business – no day is the same. If I see an email or get a call from anyone asking for advice, it is important for me to be able to share the benefit of my knowledge and years of experience at EMR,”

The other major part of Tony’s role is working on longer-term projects as EMR updates its health, safety and environmental protection policies for a fast-changing market. “One area I’m looking at right now is how to ensure our depollution operations are up to date for the move towards hybrid and electric vehicles,” he says.

So, while Tony’s team help ensure that what EMR does is safe and responsible at every turn, he is also ensuring EMR is ready for its future successes and innovations.

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