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Reuse recycle recover
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When it comes to metal rich waste streams, there's nothing we don't handle.

We process ferrous grades such as iron and steel, as well as non-ferrous grades such as aluminium, brass, copper, lead and stainless steel, from a wide range of sources. This material is then sold for re-purpose across the globe.

We re-use, recycle and recover over 10 million tonnes annually into more than 100 grades of new, sustainable raw materials.

Reuse recycle recover
Re-use, recycle, & recover


We handle millions of tonnes of ferrous material each year; everything from a toaster to an aircraft carrier. We accept both light iron from domestic and household use and all grades of heavy iron from construction, demolition, manufacturing and a diverse number of other sectors.

For more information on the specific sectors that we deal with, see here.


Globally, we buy over 100 different grades of non-ferrous metals. We also buy complex scrap that contains different metal types which are combined, as well as non-metallic items that contain metal. Our team of non-ferrous specialists can quickly identify what you’re supplying and offer you a competitive price.


Contact our Buying Team to find out how we can recycle your scrap metal waste stream, or our Sales Team if your business requires a ready supply of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.