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Small stillage bins for waste metal collection

If you've got waste metal, EMR has a small stillage, or storage bin, to suit. No amount of metal is too small and we make sure your unwanted copper, brass, steel, or other metal is collected and recycled responsibly and securely.

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If you'd like to arrange a call with someone on our small stillage team, please send an email to and we'll be in touch.

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Trusted by customers to
do things right

EMR has been collecting and processing waste metal streams for more than 70 years. Working with businesses of all sizes to recycle sustainably. Customers rely on EMR to handle waste metal professionally, securely, and transparently.

Account managers are always on-hand to answer questions and conduct regular site visits to make sure everything is running smoothly. There are also open lines of communication with our Transport and Regulatory Compliance Managers so you're never in the dark.

Keeping your
assets secure

Locked waste metal stillage

What happens to your metal shouldn't be a mystery. Lockable stillages, each with a unique identity code, prevent tampering on-site, and EMR provides a full audit trail starting with a collection request form, and waste transfer notes, plus material verification sheets once your waste metal has been received in a secure warehouse.

We can fulfil any requirements you have for secure destruction — as demonstrated through our work with the Ministry of Defence.

Payments you can
rely on

With your waste metal's journey audited every step of the way, EMR is able to provide payments with a minimum of fuss and queries. Should any questions arise an account manager is there to resolve them quickly.

Flexible, reliable metal bin
collection and recycling

Every customer is different and we work hard to make sure every customer is delivered a service that matches your needs. With different sized bins or stillages, and a network of local depots, EMR offers a flexible small bins service that responds quickly whenever your requirements change.

Whether it's occasional collection of small amounts, or an on-site total waste management package, we'll build a service around your specific requirements.

Where is EMR's small stillages
service service based?

From the Midlands EMR operates a hub for small bin services at our centre of excelence in Darlaston. Thanks to our network of UK-wide scrap metal yards we can collect waste metal streams wherever you are. Making sure you have a local service, backed by national coverage.

What size stillages are available?

Our stillages are available in three sizes, and are stackable, if needed. Whichever size you choose, they are lockable and fully sealed to protect your waste metal.

Internal dimensions Length(m) Width(m) Height(m)
Stillage Type B 1.57 1.06 1.32
Stillage Type C 1.19 0.9 1.17
Stillage Type D 1.3 0.915 0.83


Email our small stillage team at to arrange a personal chat with a small bins service specialist.