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We want you to feel safe and secure in your dealings with EMR. You can put your trust in us to manage your materials securely through the recycling process.


Some of our customers provide materials that need processing to destroy any intellectual property or for other sensitive reasons.

We have both the processes and the experience to provide a confidential destruction service to a range of business sectors. We can use our light iron shredders, our shears and our balers to shred, cut and crush materials, to destroy them and put them beyond use. We can even coordinate the collection of these materials and process them upon delivery.

Following destruction, we can provide certificates of destruction and can record the process on our CCTV systems, supplying a copy of the images if required. Some customers prefer to attend (by arrangement or unannounced) and witness the destruction taking place.

If on-site destruction is required, we can also provide a mobile shear or baler to crush and cut the material before removal from site.

We have provided a destruction service for many years to vehicle manufacturers and bodies such as the military and police forces.


To keep your materials secure at your site and in transit, all our containers are security tracked. We can also offer lockable stillages and security tags for low volume products that are of high value.


To provide real time control, for both efficiency and security, all our vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking devices and recorded, enabling us to audit all movements. These devices are attached to the vehicles and we do not rely on tracking drivers’ smart phones.

On receipt at any EMR depot, all loads are weighed and the details electronically recorded. In addition, we have comprehensive recording CCTV systems in place around our depots, particularly at the weighbridge and weighbridge office. This provides an auditable record of each transaction.

All our weighbridges are modern electronic bridges linked into our international management information system. This bespoke system, developed in-house, is a key part of our success, providing the accurate real time control of material stocks and values necessary to run a modern metal recycling business.

The data captured in this system can be rapidly accessed and manipulated to provide fast, accurate reports in whatever format you require. Typically we provide detailed reports by email, which can be in any format to suit your systems.


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