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At EMR, safety is imperative. Our top priority is to ensure our operations are managed safely and compliantly, whilst maximising productivity.

We work hard to strengthen the safety culture by:

  • Ensuring our workforce have the necessary skills and training to deal responsibly and competently with safety hazards

  • Fully integrating SHE Professionals within operations to help drive cultural improvements, compliance and risk reductions

  • Developing a set of proven programmes and goals that are consistent across all UK sites, focussing on continuous improvement in our Safety, Health, Environment and Quality performance


Our industry-leading Integrated Management System

To measure the potential impact of our activities on the health, safety and welfare of our workforce and our environment, EMR has developed an Integrated Management System (IMS).

The IMS is seamlessly integrated into our culture and activities, defining the way we conduct and manage our business. It successfully mitigates and minimises risks and seeks to go further, as we strive to find better solutions and continually improve.

Our systems are externally certified to recognised ISO standards: ISO 9001 [Quality], ISO14001 [Environment], ISO27001 [Information Security] and ISO 45001 [Occupational Health & Safety].

We value every employee and every customer, utilizing our cutting-edge processes and systems to meet expectations. You can trust us when it comes to providing the highest quality service in a safe and sustainable way.


SHE Perfect Day logo
SHE Perfect Day logo

At EMR, we strive for each day to be a ‘SHE Perfect Day’ where all employees go home safely to their families and the environment is not harmed. We start each new day with an expectation that it can be perfect!

A SHE Perfect Day includes:

  • No injuries
  • No vehicle accidents
  • No harm to the environment

We measure our success against this criteria at every location, every day.


Stop Work logo
Stop Work Authority logo

Our Stop Work Authority permits any employee at any level to halt a job or task when a hazardous situation appears imminent.

Although calling a halt to work to avoid injury or damage to property might seem like a simple decision, certain social and psychological factors can make the decision fraught with anxiety.

At EMR, our aim is to remove the fear factors – peer pressure and worry about angering supervisors / management – if Stop Work is applied.

All our employees are empowered to fully own and use the Stop Work Authority.


The EMR Life Rules seek to modify worker and supervisor behaviour in the workplace by raising awareness of the activities most likely to result in serious injuries and fatalities, as well as focussing on the actions and controls needed to mitigate them.

The EMR Life Rules icons:

Confined space logo
Confined Space Entry
Working at height logo
Working At Height
Transport and driving safety logo
Transport And Driving Safety
Line of fire logo
Line of Fire
Hot work safety logo
Hot Work Safety
Permit to work logo
Permit To Work
Energy isolation logo
Energy Isolation
Loading and unloading safety logo
Loading And Unloading Safety