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Row of EMR trucks

To meet the needs of the global economy we manage a complex set of logistics, but we always put customer service, safety and environmental responsibilities first.


Complementing our network of yards, we operate a fleet of LGVs and a range of containers to transport and store metals across the UK. For more information on our bins and skips click here.

Whether you need a single collection or delivery, or a regular, bespoke service, we can accommodate your requirements.

Looking to move into a new career? We've got opportunities for drivers across the country. If you are a haulier, either working with EMR or looking to, please visit our hauliers page for more information.


For transporting materials to steelworks and our own dock side locations, we use our rail freight terminals, avoiding the use of congested roads, thereby reducing CO2 from transport.

In conjunction with our rail freight partners, we are also able to offer 'pop-up' rail loading facilities for significant volumes but short duration projects.


We operate a complete shipping service to assist in the delivery of cargoes to our customers worldwide.

To guarantee the smooth and timely transport of cargoes, we run our own in-house chartering departments, staffed by experienced brokers with solid backgrounds in the shipping industry.

To ensure the efficient, safe arrival and departure of the vessels, our Shipping Agents manage the following:

  • Booking the required berths and locks
  • Interacting with local mooring teams, towage operators and pilots
  • Adhering to port authorities' requirements and UK legislation
  • Ensuring documentation requirements are completed efficiently and correctly

While our main attention is naturally on the Group's commodity, we can also provide brokering services for third parties.

Container Logistics

Our recycled materials are shipped around the globe. Every day over 200 containers embark from our dock locations in the UK, USA & Europe to customers located in 42 different countries across the world, destined to become new metal products for use in a variety of industries. Our experienced material handlers work to any vessel constraint and manage high volumes to ensure our finished products reach customers promptly and safely.


Contact our Logistics Team to find out how we can recycle your scrap metal waste stream.