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Louise at EMR Liverpool Alexandra Docks

In an era of huge transformation, EMR is taking big steps to help pass on a better, fairer and greener world for the next generation. Here’s why EMR is a recycling partner you can count on.


Recycling is inherently good for the planet. At EMR, we want to take a leading role in helping the rest of the economy become more sustainable and better equipped to re-use and recycle the Earth’s precious resources. EMR’s ‘Our Decade of Action’ strategy commits us to reaching ‘net-zero’ emissions by 2040.


New technology will play an integral role as society transitions towards more sustainable practices. At EMR, we are investing in developing our own innovative technologies while working with a variety of other partners to ensure that our systems and processes are at the forefront of modern recycling.


Big challenges require everyone, from individuals to governments and businesses, to work together. At EMR, we take pride in these partnerships, such as with major vehicle manufacturers, academia and materials suppliers to drive a sustainable transition to electric vehicles. Meanwhile, we recycle some of the world’s largest ships through our partnership the US Navy.


The world is changing fast and our expert employees are ready to offer the most up-to-date advice and solutions to help customers thrive in a world that demands more sustainable operations.


Great service is only possible if we listen to the needs of our customers. Every organisation and business is different and our teams are ready to adapt and respond to each customer’s individual needs with a range of options that can help deliver the right solution. For EMR there is no job too big or too small.


Every EMR employee is tasked with living up to this essential value: ‘We care and we do’. EMR is, at heart, a family business and that means we’re passionate about looking after our customers, our staff and the communities where we operate. Our company structure also means we can avoid ‘quick fix’ solutions and helps us to take proactive, long-term decisions for the good of our business and our customers.


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