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Mossan Ahmed
Process and Quality Manager

At EMR we pride ourselves in offering recycled materials of the highest standard. We constantly review the processes we use to ensure our end product is the best we can produce. A person who plays a prominent role in this review process is EMR’s Process and Quality Manager Mossan Ahmed.

Mossan Ahmed at EMR yard

Mossan joined EMR in 2019 from the UK steel industry. His role is to improve, develop and roll out manufacturing quality standards throughout the business. He is responsible for ensuring consistency in all of the products that we buy and sell, and ultimately to ensure we stay ahead of our competitors.

Innovation is key to delivering products of such a high standard. Mossan trials and tests materials so that he can better understand them and the processes they need to undergo. With this information he is able to design and develop tools to aid the individuals who process these materials each day.

So, what does Mossan’s typical day look like?

“With my role, I travel to EMR’s sites up and down the country. I support activities relating to quality control, including the training and development of our teams, covering topics such as how to identify different grades of metal. My aim is to ensure that our colleagues have the skills to produce products to the highest standards.”

Training and development is just one part of Mossan’s role. At EMR we work hard to ensure we provide consistent quality in our products and Mossan and his team are key players in this mission.

“In supporting our sites to understand the inspection criteria for different materials, we are able to recognise and investigate any quality problems and eliminate their reoccurrence.”

Once a quality issue has been reported, Mossan moves swiftly to liaise with the site to determine how it occurred. With this established, he carries out a root cause analysis and produces a report on his findings to ensure that it does not happen again.

Quality will always remain an important factor but it is also important for us to offer products that meet our customer’s exact specifications.

“We carry out product analysis based on customer requirements to ensure we can offer each customer a bespoke product. This can include physical checks on the components in a material as well as laboratory analysis.”

Mossan’s role in driving these improvement processes also ensures that we are able to maintain our end-of-waste certification, an external accreditation which assures the highest quality of metals across the industry.

His drive to support other people is something he continues in his spare time.

“I have a huge passion for helping people and have been volunteering for the Zia-Ul-Ummah Foundation many years. This charity helps provide education, shelter and food for needy people in Pakistan. We have more than 30,000 children at any one time, gaining education at one of our 250 institutions.”

Mossan has also supported a numer of causes here in the UK, helping to turn a derelict space into a football pitch for children in Birmingham and sought to support those affected by the COVID pandemic, volunteering at a local foodbank.

So where was Mossan’s experience developed? Before joining EMR he enjoyed a career of over 11 years working for Tata Steel, producing steel for the Aerospace, Automotive and Oil and Gas sector.

“With Tata Steel I was really able to develop my skill set, working in various roles including Manufacturing Manager, Quality Manager, Technical Manager and Raw Materials Manager”.

This experience has enabled him to drive product quality and process development at EMR, something which he aims to continue.

“I hope to work for EMR for many years to come, supporting the business in its journey to become carbon neutral, a commitment laid out in ‘Our Decade of Action’ strategy. A key part of this journey for Mossan will be developing the processes to enable EMR to offer our inherently low carbon recycled materials for increasingly high specification end-uses.”

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