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Investments in sustainability: EMR’s improvements to its facilities throughout the capital

Jack Arksey

EMR Willesden
EMR Willesden

Metal recycling is changing. Whether it is adapting to customers’ shifting needs and expectations, or embracing the challenges of reducing its carbon emissions, EMR is committed to meeting this movement.

“Our investments in our busy London facilities provide a great example of how EMR is confronting the transformation of our industry and using it as an opportunity to improve what we do,”

says Steve Bareham, Director (Southern Region) at EMR.

One recent example of the investment EMR is making is the multi-million-pound relocation of the company’s Canning Town facility to Silvertown.

“The relocation has allowed us to develop a purpose-built space, designed with customer experience in mind. Members of the public and sole traders will be greeted by our colleagues, have a simple journey to where they can offload material and then payment is made direct to their bank for a quick, secure, contact-free, experience,”

Steve adds.

EMR has also taken the opportunity to invest in the latest sustainable technology, including an electric sheer, electrified cranes and the capacity to switch to 100% renewable power as new, greener equipment becomes available.

“Everyone at EMR is focused on achieving our 2040 net-zero target as part of our sustainability strategy,”

Steve says.

“By switching to sustainable technology like this EMR is able to show that we’re serious about this mission.”

Silvertown is by no means the only example of the changes EMR is making at its London sites. A huge investment into operations at Tilbury Dock means EMR can now export and import more material via its deep-sea dock facility, ensuring it can find the most efficient path back into the circular economy.

“We have also installed a huge electric crane at Tilbury Dock, employed a new in-house maintenance team and improved our employee facilities at the site,” Steve adds.

EMR’s Edmonton site will also benefit from the arrival of a new generation of electric material handlers which will be arriving across four of EMR’s busiest UK sites.

“Moving material is one of the most energy-intensive activities that happens on our sites so this investment will play a significant role in helping us reduce our carbon emissions,”

says Steve.

Meanwhile, at EMR’s Willesden site – the only shredder facility located within the North Circular – the firm has invested an innovative medium voltage/low voltage (LV/MV) inverter to increase the power efficiency of its shredder as part of wider efforts to reduce its energy consumption.

EMR’s London sites are also benefiting from the company-wide implementation of ISO 14001, certifying its high standards of environmental management. Last year, EMR announced that 90 percent of the material purchased in the UK now arrives via ISO-accredited sites.

“This is why the EMR team is so excited about embracing this moment of change for our industry,”

Steve says.

“And here, at our London sites, our investments are proof of the benefits that are available if you focus on serving your customers and building a metal recycling company fit for the circular economy of tomorrow.”

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