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EMR commits to net zero carbon emissions by 2040 at COP26 business leaders event

Olivia Healey


EMR leads by example with a commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2040 at COP26 Business Leaders Event

In November 2021, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) will bring together heads of states, climate experts, businesses and campaigners to agree on united action to tackle the climate challenge.

Ahead of next year’s conference in Glasgow, the Council for Sustainable Business hosted the virtual COP26 Business Leaders Event, where CEOs made commitments to nature and climate change in the presence of the BEIS Secretary of State Alok Sharma and Environment Secretary George Eustice.

There were CEOs and Chairs of over 190 businesses, including 50% of the FTSE 100 companies, collectively employing 5 million people and a combined market capitalization of £1.3 trillion. Over 50 of those businesses had already committed to Net Zero 2040 or better.

As a member of the Council for Sustainable Business, Chris Sheppard Group CEO of EMR committed to net zero emissions across the entire value chain by 2040. Here, Chris explains why it’s so important for businesses to lead by example in the fight against climate change.

“We are extremely proud to support the Council for Sustainable Business at the COP26 Business Leaders Event. It was an incredible show of solidarity from a large group of progressive companies.

“We thought of the Business Leaders Event as an opportunity to build leadership momentum around nature and climate change issues ahead of COP26 in Glasgow next year. As a member of the Council for Sustainable Business, we are proud to have been involved in the coordination of the event which clearly demonstrates the business community’s commitment to driving a green economic recovery.

“The challenges of COVID-19 over the last few months have shown us how much is both possible and necessary when it comes to reducing emissions. The International Energy Agency has predicted an 8% drop in CO2 emissions in 2020. If this was repeated annually for the next ten years, it would set the UK on a path towards limiting global temperature increase to below the 2°C target set out in the Paris Agreement.

“We cannot maintain these improvements or drive these issues in isolation. Tackling climate change requires a united approach from both the public and private sector. The role of individual businesses is vital in driving decarbonisation towards the UK’s 2050 net zero target.

“All of us have a responsibility to continually improve our environmental performance. We are trying to lead by example. The EMR Group’s target for achieving net zero carbon emissions across our entire value chain by 2040 marks the start of an exciting new journey - one that will see us invest in new technologies and new ways of working.

“Our recently-launched sustainability strategy, ‘Our Decade of Action’, sets out key areas of focus to tackle climate change, minimise environmental impact and help other businesses in our supply chain to become more sustainable.

“We hope many other businesses will join us in making a net zero commitment to reduce emissions, support a green economic recovery and protect our planet.”

Want to know more about the EMR Group’s commitment to net zero by 2040? Click here to download Our Decade of Action, the EMR Group’s sustainability strategy.