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Climate Action Day 2022 – and why we should all make the most of it

Managing Director, Ian Sheppard

Climate Action Day
Climate Action Day

Rising sea levels, violent storms, floods, famine and drought… hardly a week goes by without us hearing about the impact of global warming and climate change.

We all know that human activity is a major contributor to global warming. The trouble is, manufacturing the goods we all rely on is an essential part of everyday life.

That’s why it’s so important to recycle. After all, recycling existing materials to make new goods typically results in a fraction of the carbon emissions created when producing goods from virgin materials. Not only does responsible recycling ensure the continued lifecycle of valuable materials but it also protects the world’s natural resources.

Best of all, nowadays recycling the materials and products we’ve finished with is very easy. Here at EMR we can recycle anything from a drinks can to an aircraft carrier. Every week, our teams across the world take in thousands of items to be carefully separated, recycled, and then put back into the supply chain to create a new generation of sustainably made products.

With today being Climate Action Day, now is the perfect opportunity to remind yourself, your family, friends, customers, partners and colleagues why recycling plays such a vital role in the welfare of the planet.

As global leader in sustainable materials, we believe in creating a future where less of the materials we use need to be extracted from the planet. After all, recycling is one of the most positive, straightforward and practical ways for any of us to fight climate change and protect biodiversity.

To give you an idea of the scale of the global EMR operation, we have over 170 sites across the UK, the USA, Netherlands and Germany, recycling everything from household appliances to cars, trucks, trains and even ships. We pride ourselves in giving the materials, including plastic and metal, further life.

And while we don’t expect everyone to turn up with a ship, we cater for a wide variety of metal waste, which will all be recycled properly and ethically, in line with the latest government and environmental standards.

We’re constantly on a journey to improve the way that we do things. Every year we invest our profits back into the business, upgrading our processes and supporting our people. We’re finding new ways to increase the output from our recycling facilities and improve efficiency. We’re also working hard to ensure EMR becomes a fully net-zero business by 2040.

When you think about it, it’s not surprising that manufacturers of all sizes are increasingly looking to firms such as EMR to provide the resource-rich waste streams that come from old electronics, end-of-life vehicles, and all the other products that can be ‘mined’ for their metals. This is essential if recycling is to play a key role in the circular economy of the future – and EMR is at the heart of it.

With your help - no matter how large or small - we can reduce the amount of virgin materials that are used to make the products that are essential for everyday life. And of course, in doing so, we’ll also help protect the biodiversity of our planet, reduce the number of products that go to landfill, and reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gases that human activity produces. All of which can only mean one thing: a better, cleaner world for our future generations.