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Driver Apprentice

Driver apprentice photograph
Sian — Driver apprentice

Sian began her Apprenticeship in May 2018 and made history here at EMR as the company’s first female driver apprentice. Here she discusses the process she undertook to get that coveted title.

“(First) I attended a full day interview with the staff from EMR Darlaston, throughout the course of the day I sat through a selection of independent tasks, team building (exercises), maths and English assessments followed by the interview at the end of the day”.

From there upon getting onto the apprenticeship scheme, Sian went on to fully immerse herself in the EMR driver role, and learnt a great deal in doing so, as she explains:

“I’ve learnt about driving and how to do the correct walk around checks before moving away in a vehicle, I’ve learnt how to move a vehicle safely and how to manoeuvre a lorry safely into spaces which I couldn’t (have) done when I first started. I have also learnt about the drive time and taco rules when I need to have a break and how to prevent getting any infringements. I have learnt how to use the hand-held system and how to fill out the waste transfer notes correctly”.

“I have also learnt about the different types of scrap that we transfer and where it should be tipped in the yards. I can happily say... I have learnt a lot and (are) looking forward to continue learning while working with EMR”.

There’s many things to do in any given role at EMR, and many more reasons why our employees enjoy working here at the company.

“I can say I come to work daily enjoying every moment of my job, I have had endless support from a selection of people. From the start of my apprenticeship which has made it enjoyable, everyone is friendly and welcoming and I enjoy that every day is different but I really enjoy the driving with a selection of drivers.”

Sian has made an impact at EMR and continues to do so on a daily basis. All while receiving excellent support and genuinely being able to say she enjoys every day here at EMR.