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Victoria Halford, WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Compliance and Business Development Manager

"Women – don’t be afraid to pursue a career in waste!"

Olivia Healey

Victoria Halford WEEE Compliance and Business Development Manager
Victoria Halford WEEE Compliance and Business Development Manager

As a global leader in sustainable materials, EMR’s customers stretch into almost every corner of the UK economy. One of these sectors is Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, known as WEEE. Part of EMR’s WEEE team is Victoria Halford, WEEE Compliance and Business Development Manager. It’s Victoria’s responsibility to ensure EMR complies with environmental permits and WEEE regulations and requirements, as well as managing customers to sustain and increase the volumes of WEEE into EMR specialist recycling facilities.

Victoria joined EMR almost a year ago, but her waste journey didn’t begin then. Straight after graduating from university, she worked in the landfill sector for four years. Here she developed key industry knowledge around waste permits and legislation before moving to Mayer Environmental, EMR’s Environmental Consultancy. During her time at the consultancy, she continued to develop her sector expertise and learn about EMR and their processes before moving into her current position. “Knowledge is power, the more you know – the further you go. I’m testament to that,” says Victoria.

Talking about her new role, she says: “I’m always challenged and excited about coming to work, no two days are the same! I love meeting new people and developing relationships with customers.”

Although the metal recycling industry has traditionally been viewed as male dominated, Victoria says this is not the case at EMR and no woman should be afraid to join the industry:

“Some women may be nervous about a career in waste because of the stereotypical belief that it’s a ‘man's world’. Women should not be anxious, or worried about joining the sector. At EMR everyone has an equal voice. If you want to succeed, regardless of gender, it’s about working hard and knowing your stuff.

“In my team there are seven of us, five of which are women. EMR really is a great place to work, and my colleagues are fantastic - our team is the ultimate dream team!”

Victoria has already taken full advantage of the training and development programmes offered at EMR, to advance her skill set and career:

“I’m utilising all the learning and progression opportunities available. My manager and the Learning & Development team are incredibly supportive. They have helped me maintain my accreditation, which is essential for my role, and arranged training courses to ensure I’m continuously up-to-date with industry standards and new legislation. At EMR, there's always scope for growth and pushing yourself up the career ladder.

“I hope that I am an example to any woman considering joining the waste sector that women can have a successful career in the industry and enjoy what they do. I've gradually worked my way up, it’s all about immersing yourself in what you're doing. The sky really is the limit at EMR!”

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