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EMR’s Reusable Steel shortlisted for New Launch Award at World Sustainability Awards

Olivia Healey

World Sustainability Awards 2023 shortlist badge
World Sustainability Awards 2023 shortlist badge

Global leader in sustainable materials EMR has been recognised for its innovative new UK-based supply chain for low-carbon reusable steel products.

EMR’s game-changing Reusable Steel – which produces up to 97.5% less carbon emissions compared with traditional steel products – has been shortlisted for the coveted New Launch Award by the World Sustainability Awards.

Since its launch in 2022, EMR’s innovative and sustainable construction steel has already become the world’s first reusable steel to achieve an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This EPD paves the way for the wider uptake of this transformative low-carbon solution by architects, developers, and the construction industry in the UK.

The steel industry is responsible for 11% of global carbon emissions* and this contributes substantially to the embedded carbon of new construction projects. By identifying high-quality steel sections in buildings due for demolition – and carefully removing them and subjecting them to rigorous testing – EMR offers the industry a brand-new supply chain for low-carbon steel.

Without the need for remelting, long-distance transportation, and the addition of nature-depleting iron ore, reusing the steel components of end-of-life buildings releases up to 97.5% less carbon emissions than conventional steel products.

The World Sustainability Awards are organised by Sustainability Leaders, described as a ‘global community-intelligence network for CSOs and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) executives designed to accelerate sustainability initiatives.

EMR’s Reusable Steel has been shortlisted alongside sustainable innovations by businesses including The Boeing Company, Schneider Electric and Fresh Del Monte. The winner will be announced at the World Sustainability Awards on 19 October at the Garden of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Bill Firth, General Manager Business Development at EMR, said:

“Reusable Steel is an example of what EMR does best: utilising the skills and expertise that our team has built up over decades to deliver an innovative new product which will practically help our customers on their journey to net-zero.

“Safety and quality are, of course, paramount and EMR’s state-of-the-art assessment and testing processes ensure only the highest-quality steel is considered for this new supply chain – our customers never have to choose between sustainability and performance.

“Whilst years in development, the benefits of Reusable Steel are only just beginning to be felt by the construction industry and everybody at EMR is excited by the prospect of dramatically reducing the embedded carbon of the next generation of homes, offices and other building projects.”