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EMR Launches Biodiversity Project at Flagship Site in West Midlands

Olivia Healey

EMR Oldbury biodiversity project
EMR Oldbury biodiversity project

Global leader in sustainable materials, EMR has launched its rewilding initiative, which will help to tackle the impact of climate change and give local nature a much stronger chance of surviving and thriving for future generations, at its state-of-the-art site in Oldbury.

The environmental project, which covers 3ha of land, will create a biodiversity net gain at the Oldbury site of 95%, ensuring greater protection of the environment, and preservation and enhancement of key habitats.

Preparing ground
Planting tree in Oldbury

The initiative is broken down into phases throughout the year, incorporating planting of a variety of 100 native saplings and trees including Scots pine, cherry, oak, elder, beech, lime and hazel, and species-rich hedgerows, which will improve the overall habitat and absorb 35 tonnes of carbon per annum into the new biomass growing on the site. A mixture of grass seeds and different varieties of flowers will be grown, as well as ongoing management of the woodland area to allow other species to flourish. Additionally, there will be improvements made to the condition of the ponds with removal of some invasive non-native aquatic plants.

Seamus Breen, EMR Waste and Environmental Impact Manager says: “We're delighted to be launching our biodiversity project in the West Midlands. We assessed the biodiversity baseline at all EMR's sites across the UK and chose Oldbury due to the opportunity to create distinctive habitats and safeguard badgers and foxes that are already occupying the site.

"At EMR, we operate with a focus on restoring the natural environment, and supporting the land and communities which we serve. This initiative will significantly increase the biodiversity net gain at our site in Oldbury.

"As part of our ongoing commitment to 'Get Nature Positive' and enhancing biodiversity across the UK and beyond, we are currently looking at trialling this project at a further two of our sites, with the aim of rolling out the scheme across our UK sites in the near future.”

Oldbury is one of EMR’s largest recycling sites in the UK, employing more than 40 local people and processing up to 190,000 tonnes of material annually.

With over 60 locations across the UK, EMR invests in its sites and equipment to ensure metal recycling continues to play its part in a sustainable, circular economy, while working closely with communities on sustainability initiatives.

To help the world use its precious resources more sustainably, EMR has committed to becoming a fully net-zero business by 2040. As part of this, the company is investing in energy productivity, low-carbon and nature-positive technology and developing innovative new products that help customers reduce their carbon emissions further.

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