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EMR and Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC: a winning team for inclusivity

Olivia Healey

Bootle Bucks FC team photo
  • EMR has contributed funds to help put a smile on the faces of the Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC players
  • EMR strengthens partnership with Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC to ensure all abilities thrive and enjoy the social and physical benefits of playing sport

Global leader in sustainable materials, EMR, has continued its long-standing support for Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC, an inclusive club that provides the chance for more than 110 young people with disabilities to take part in sport.

This year, EMR has gone the extra mile by covering the club’s pitch costs, allowing Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC to continue offering its important service – now, free of charge - reducing the financial burden on its members and their families amidst the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC was formed in April 2018 by five friends - John Doran, John Callaghan, John Rice, Keith Woodhouse, and Gareth Ace - who spotted a gap in the market. The Club was founded with the mission of fostering inclusivity and providing a safe, welcoming environment for children and young people with disabilities to experience the joys of playing sports.

EMR has three sites within the Bootle area (Liverpool Alexandra Docks, Liverpool Gladstone Dock, and Bankhall Lane) and a continuous focus on giving back to local communities. Standing alongside the club since its inception, and offering steadfast support extending beyond monetary contributions, aligns perfectly with the organisation’s values.

Andrew Conroy, General Manager at EMR’s Liverpool Alexandra Docks, said: “Every young person deserves the chance to make friends and keep fit as part of a football team and Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC is a fantastic club which ensures that children and young people with disabilities don’t miss out.

"In these challenging times, where the cost of living has put immense pressure on families, it's more crucial than ever to ensure that every child has the opportunity to participate in activities that promote social interaction, physical fitness, and personal development.

“At EMR, our teams come to work every day to recycle materials that would otherwise end up in landfill, doing our bit to pass on a greener and more sustainable planet to the next generation. Organisations, such as Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC, provide this next generation with the confidence, skills, and experiences that they will need to continue this mission for decades to come.

"We are immensely proud to continue our partnership with Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC and help them deliver their vital services, at a reduced cost, to the community they serve."

EMR’s support for Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC dates back to 2018, when the club was first established. Over the years, EMR's commitment has grown stronger, reflecting the company's dedication to creating a more inclusive society where all individuals have the chance to thrive, regardless of their abilities.

John Rice, Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC Chairman, said: “We are overwhelmed by EMR’s support. It has made a big difference to our Club and enables us to support so many children and young adults with varying disabilities. We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone at EMR.

“Grassroots football brings huge benefits to children in many ways, and I’m delighted that EMR has also been able to give support to ensure the team have kits and training gear. Everyone is over the moon with their new tracksuits and rain jackets.”

Amy, mother of a Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC player, said: “My son had no friends outside of school and had very few friends inside school, but since attending Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC he now has ‘his teammates’ and gets invited to birthday parties and sleepovers! Thanks to the Club, his confidence, self-esteem, and general heath has improved.

“I’m a single mum with three other disabled children and with no transport. The Club gives us free kits, free training and help in other areas that enables us to get to each training session. Not only does my son enjoy the benefits of playing sport, but I have also met other mums and dads who are in similar situations, and we all support one another.

“I only recently learnt that it is because of the support from EMR that the savings can be passed on to us parents. It really is a life changer!

“Thank you, EMR, for believing in our kids when so many other organisations push them to the side.”

As EMR and Bootle Bucks Inclusion FC join forces once again, they invite the community, businesses, and individuals alike to rally behind this heartwarming initiative. Together, we can create a brighter, more inclusive future where opportunity can flourish for all.