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EMR’s solder manufacturing division which trades as “Summit Solder Products” was sold on 28th October 2014 to AIM Metals & Alloys who are a Canadian solder manufacturer. From 29th October Summit Solder Products will trade under the same name but will be a division of AIM Solder UK Ltd. AIM are one of the worlds leading solder manufacturers with manufacturing plants in Canada, USA, South America, Europe and Asia. This change of ownership will allow Summit to continue to expand and flourish as part of a specialist solder manufacturer. The staff, address and contact numbers remain the same for Summit Solder and the link to the new groups web site is:-

Providing high-quality solder

EMR has a wholly owned subsidiary, Summit Solder Products, who are the leading UK manufacturer of tin based solder products. Our expertise has been developed through understanding each industry and knowing exactly what different customers require. Our reputation has been built through supplying consistently high quality solder products with exceptional levels of customer service.

Using highly efficient technology, we are able to enhance the purity of any alloy, which not only reduces waste for the end user, but also saves on cost.

We manufacture a complete range of solder specifications to British, European and international standards:

  • Plumbing solders
  • Electronic solders
  • Casting alloys
  • Stained glass solders
  • Automotive solders
  • White metal bearing alloys
  • Solder paints, pastes and fluxes

Summit Solder Products holds ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and as a result follows strict quality control procedures. Every product is batch sampled and analysed using a state-of-the-art Optical Emission Spectrometer to ensure consistency of quality.

Automotive industry

Antimonial and non-antimonial high specification solders, lead free materials for the manufacture/repair of motor radiators and heat exchanger units are produced to our strict quality control procedures to the above standards. 

Solder paints, pastes and fluxes

We offer fluxes for dipping and high temperature baking as well as solder paints, powders and pastes.

White metal bearing alloys

White metal bearing alloys complete the range for high and low running applications from lead rich Babbitt alloys to high tin BSS 3332 specifications. All grades of alloy can be supplied in either 3kg ingots, 1kg bars or 250g tinman sticks. The bearing metals can be used with bronze, gunmetal, steel or cast iron shells. All types of BSS 3332/1987 are available.

Casting and jewellery alloys

We have an extensive variety of high quality casting alloys offering the widest possible choice to drop and centrifugal casters. We are experts in providing our customers with the correct materials for their individual requirements.

Jewellery alloys

We manufacture tin alloys to the highest specification for use in the jewellery industry for precise definition and fine intricate filigree work.

Tailor-made alloys

In conjunction with the extensive variety of alloys, we also work in partnership with our customers to provide a tailor-made alloy for their individual use. Once we have the customer’s individual requirements and in consultation with our laboratory and production staff, we produce the alloys by using high quality raw materials and ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with the end product.

Solder wires

We can provide low melt solid solder wire in 145C and 142C-166C and Pure Tin Wire 1.6mm diameter. All solder wires are on 3kg or 1/2 reels and are available for immediate delivery.

Electronic solders

We supply solder to many leading names within the electronics industry and can produce a full range of high quality, high purity tin/lead and lead-free alloys to British, European and international standards.

By using high grade virgin tin, and refined lead as raw materials and having strict quality control procedures, our products save on cost and rejects by having very low dross characteristics. This in turn provides the following benefits:

  • Excellent flow characteristics
  • Consistently bright joints
  • Reduction in icicling and bridging
  • Improved wetting
  • Uniform quality
  • Longer bath life
  • Extremely low dross formation
  • Reduced consumption
  • High productivity and low reject rate

Our analytical team carry out vital impurity tests and produce a detailed report which includes our recommendations for corrective additions. This service is found extremely cost effective in that it provides our customers with extra quality assurance.

Stained glass solders

We manufacture an extensive variety of high quality leaded light and stain glass solders. The solder is produced in a blowpipe or tinmans stick form and it is provided in three popular weights to meet your needs:

  • 45g blowpipe section strips
  • 60g blowpipe section strips
  • 250g tinmans sticks

Plumbing solders

We offer the complete range of solder to meet the needs and requirements of the plumbing industry and the plumbing professional. Our products are available in:

  • 250 gram 1/4kg fine tinmans sticks
  • 500 gram 1/2kg plumbers bars
  • 250 gram solid solder wires
  • 500 gram solid solder wires
  • Leaded capillary traditional wires
  • BS219 99C lead-free wires


AIM Solder UK Ltd
Unit 2/3 Sedgewick Road
North Luton Industrial Estate
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1582 587210  

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