Scrap metal

Any scrap metal from any source

EMR buy all types of scrap metal at our recycling centres worldwide. This metal includes ferrous grades such as iron and steel, as well as non-ferrous grades such as aluminium, brass, copper, lead and stainless steel. We also buy End-of-Life Vehicles and catalytic converters. You can deliver to us, or we can collect larger volumes from you.

We buy from a wide range of sources; the general public, other scrap metal merchants, construction and demolition contractors, local trades and businesses, manufacturers, blue-chip organisations, government bodies and service providers to name but a few, and we buy any amount, from contracts of thousands of tonnes to small individual deliveries.

Prices fluctuate according to the worldwide markets, but what you can guarantee is that EMR is always highly competitive on price, compared to other recyclers.

We guarantee competitive prices for any scrap metal

For more information and up-to-date scrap metal prices, call or email today or, to find your nearest recycling centre please click here.

To find out what identification you will need to bring with you when selling scrap to us, please click here.

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