Manufacturing industry services

Turning scrap metal into an income stream

Turning your waste metal into an income stream makes real business sense. Of course, you'll be looking for best price, but good working relationships count for a lot too, and with EMR you're guaranteed both.

Bespoke service for any project

We've been working with manufacturers for many years, and we're aware of the issues and pressures you face, so we're flexible. We can adapt our service to your specific operation and compliance needs, and handle scrap metal you generate, in any quantity, from a one-off clearance project of heavy plant and machinery, to a waste disposal contract handling several thousand tonnes.

Fast, efficient collection

Our logistical capabilities are unrivalled we can collect from site within 24 hours, then we'll work non-stop until the job's done.

Competitive, accurate payment

We offer highly competitive prices even in low volumes. You also have to be confident that we're paying you correctly by weight, so we have a number of procedures in place to provide the assurances you need, including secure skips and bins with unique security seals as well as accurate weighbridges with CCTV monitoring.

  • Advice on legal compliance
  • Photo/video evidence and Certificate
    of Destruction available
  • One-off projects or on-going contracts
  • Skips, bins, and a fleet of vehicles for
    easy collection
  • Accurate payment at competitive prices
We help you meet recycling targets and improve profitability
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