Demolition scrap

A reliable, honest and fair service

EMR has long-standing relationships with many demolition contractors which is testament to the reliable, fair and honest service that we provide. We are familiar with the problems demolition contractors face so we can be flexible. We can station containers at your site and service them as frequently as you require until the job is done. You will be given one point of contact who will work with you to provide prices, logistical arrangements and prompt payment.

All our weighbridges are monitored by CCTV so you can be sure you are being paid accurately by weight. We can also provide Certificates of Destruction and photo/video evidence if required.

Unrivalled capabilities

What’s more, due to our network of processing and heavy-lift equipment, we can handle any size of scrap from demolition clearance such as boilers, transformers, generators, silos, tanks, bridge sections, gantries, re-enforcing bar and girder. Because we have all this on hand, we can also provide you with highly competitive prices so you can maximise your profit on the demolition job.


  • Network of shears and balers
  • Heavy lift capabilities
  • Unrivalled logistical capabilities
  • Vast range of containers available
  • Prompt payment by accurate weight
  • Handle all scrap metal
  • CoDs provided if required
We recycle around 10 million tonnes of scrap metal each year

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