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ELVs: Carrot Or Stick? - 21/07/17

Gareth Williams, marketing and communications director at European Metal Recycling (EMR) shares his thoughts on why an incentive – rather than a penalty – is the answer to the end of life vehicle conundrum.

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The decommissioned US Navy aircraft carrier the USS Independence is set to dock at the Port of Brownsville, Texas on June 1st, after a 16,000-mile trip from Bremerton, Washington, around the tip of South America.

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Texas school children track the USS Independence on 16,000 mile journey - 11/04/17

Students in Brownsville, Texas will have the chance to get involved in the USS Independence’s final journey, as well as improve their geographical knowledge, as they track the progress of the aircraft carrier which is currently being towed from Bremerton, Washington to EMR Group’s International Shipbreaking Ltd yard in Brownsville, Texas.

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EMR Group wins U.S. Navy contract to scrap aircraft carrier - 03/04/17

EMR Group has secured a further contract with the U.S. Navy to transport, dismantle and scrap the 60,000-ton decommissioned aircraft carrier, the USS Independence.

Following months of health and safety and logistical preparation, the USS Independence, the last of the Forrestal-class of “supercarriers”, left on her final journey on Saturday 11th March 2017.

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EMR support Starcross Youth Theatre - 15/02/17

EMR is proud to support the Starcross Youth Theatre and their full scale production of the musical Calamity Jane!

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