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Journey of Metals - Steel: Time after time - Exploring the journey of the world’s “most recycled material” - 23/09/19

What are the benefits of recycling steel, where does the recycled product end up, and how can we maximise its recycling rate across the world?

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Journey of Metals - Tin: Save or Scrap? - 23/09/19

Tin - should we be looking at alternatives or instead exploring how to improve and encourage the recycling of this versatile metal?

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Journey of Metals - Zinc: Driving the world’s automotive industry - 23/09/19

What are the benefits and uses of recycled zinc, and why would the car manufacturing industry grind to a halt without it?

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School recycling initiative launched to tackle the millions of old tech and metal waste stored in UK homes - 20/09/19

Retailer and recycler join forces, this Recycling Week, to recover valuable and scarce metals from homes.

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Survey shows the Government is taking a step in the right direction to improve recycling rates - 22/08/19

Almost a quarter of GB adults would be encouraged to recycle at home more if there were clearer instructions on product packaging about whether a product can or cannot be recycled, according to the results of a recent YouGov survey.

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