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Journey of Metals - Aluminium: From can to aircraft - 23/09/19

For this week's Journey of Metals, we follow the journey of aluminium - from the unassuming can through to a multitude of impressive transformations.

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Journey of Metals - Brass: Tapping into its full potential - 23/09/19

What are the different properties of Brass, how is it formed and why are its properties essential for a variety of applications across the world?

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Journey of Metals - Copper: Totally Wired - 23/09/19

How has this wonder material, Copper, been used across millennia, what properties have led to its ubiquity, and why is recycling necessary to sustain supply into the future?

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Journey of Metals - Iron: Benefits of recycling scrap versus extracting raw materials - 23/09/19

From reducing emissions and energy consumption to improving resource efficiency, what are the many benefits of recycling iron scrap versus extracting iron ore?

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Journey of Metals - Lead: The only way is scrap - 23/09/19

What makes lead an essential element, how do we use it and why is it time to reduce our reliance on lead mining.

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