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EMR Metal Recycling and partners win national recycling award

28 June 2019

Leading metal recycler, EMR Metal Recycling in conjunction with the BMRA and industry partners have won the ‘Excellence in Learning and Development’ Award at the MRW National Recycling Awards for the development of the Metal Recycling General Operative Apprenticeship.

EMR has been one of the leading contributors and employers in the development of the first sector specific apprenticeship, which was launched at EMR’s Willesden site in November last year.

The Metal Recycling General Operative (MRGO) is a level 2 apprenticeship for people of any age. A 12 to 18 month programme, it covers a range of areas giving learners the knowledge and skills to tackle the issues that those working in the field face.

EMR’s Learning and Development Manager, Chris Williams, who accepted the award on behalf of EMR and who has been a key driving force behind the development of the apprenticeship said: “It was a huge pleasure to accept the award with the BMRA and Sims. I am delighted that the work and effort of EMR, the BMRA and industry partners has been recognised at the National Recycling Awards.

“The apprenticeship was developed because we recognised the need for sector-specific qualifications, not only to bring new talent into the industry but also to provide a career path for those working in the sector.  

“The future depends on the next generation and we believe that the apprenticeship will help plug the skills gap and breathe new life into our sector.”

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