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Global metal recycler encourages the public to discover more about the little known world of metal recycling

25 April 2019

A recent survey has found that the British public either have a negative view of the metal recycling industry, or they just don’t know anything about it.

When it comes to disposing of waste metal, the survey found that over half  of the British public would take it to their local council tip or recycling centre (65%). Whilst this is a responsible route, the survey uncovered that 21% of the public didn’t know which one word best described their opinion of a metal recycling yard, which implies more needs to be done to educate people about the metal recycling industry.

17% of people described it as a ‘rag-and-bone’ business, a term used to describe men typically from the 19th century who would scavenge and collect unwanted household items to sell to merchants for profit – a common misconception.

When added to other findings, it shows that the British public’s opinion of metal recycling as a whole needs changing; 6% of people would describe the industry as intimidating, 4% said criminal (i.e a space for illegal activity), 3% consider it outdated and only a mere 1% view it as technologically advanced.

However, there is some good news; 18% of those who answered believe the industry to be environmentally friendly – a view that is welcomed by EMR, who commissioned the research by YouGov.

Andrew Brady, EMR’s UK Chief Executive Officer, said: “It’s worrying that people can view the metal recycling industry as intimidating and outdated.

“Ours is a sustainable business, putting the planet first, so the 18% of people who believe we are environmentally friendly are correct; we are on a mission to become a zero waste company.

“The British public would probably be amazed at just how technologically advanced the metal recycling industry is. Companies like ours invest millions of pounds every year on technology that improves recycling rates.  At EMR, we actually save around 10 million tonnes of CO2 every year through our hi-tech activities.”

Working hard to alter the perception of its recycling centres, EMR has installed new customer-friendly signage, regularly maintains the cleanliness of its sites and has fully trained its staff in providing good customer service, all with the aim of giving customers an experience similar to any other service provider; the difference in this case is that the customers get paid. EMR even send out a survey after customers visit to rate the service they received.

“We welcome anybody who has metal to sell into our recycling centres. Just check on our website for your nearest centre and make some money from the experience,” Andrew added.

To find your nearest EMR site visit:

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