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Help Rowan Run campaign welcomes donation from metal recycler

29 November 2018

Employees from Westbrook-based EMR have raised over £500 for Help Rowan Run – a family’s campaign for their six-year-old son to undergo ‘life-changing’ surgery.

Rowan Donlan was born 11 weeks early and, as a result he developed Cerebral Palsy. He was diagnosed aged 18 months and since then has struggled to meet his physical milestones. Rowan now uses a Kaye walker and a wheelchair to get around.

The condition causes Rowan to have tight muscle tone, which causes pain and a lack of range of movement and difficulty with balance. He tires very quickly and struggles to keep up with his twin and their friends on the playground.

The life-changing SDR surgery is not NHS funded, but will reduce the stiffness in Rowan’s legs and allow him much improved mobility, with the aim for him to take his first ever independent steps and one day run!

Rowan’s mum, Helen, said: “Rowan is a chatty, charming, typical six-year-old boy – he loves Star Wars, baseball, superheroes and playing computer games with his twin sister and big brother.

“He absolutely loves life and is always smiling, but life with cerebral palsy is hard.

“We would like to thank everyone at EMR for their fundraising to help Rowan run! Every donation helps us move closer to our target.”

EMR Marketing and Communications Manager, Gareth Williams said: “At EMR we put a great deal of importance on supporting the communities that are close to our sites. It’s fantastic to support Rowan, who lives locally to our head office site and to know that the money raised will change his life.”

The family need to raise £21,000 for the life-changing operation and more still for the ongoing intensive physiotherapy that Rowan would need for several years afterwards.

To donate to their fundraising campaign ‘Help Rowan Run’ through registered charity Tree of Hope, go to

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