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Closing date fast approaching for community fund

12 July 2018

EMR Jersey (the Scrapyard) has launched a Community Fund to support green initiatives which enhance the environmental quality of life on our Island. The closing date for applications is Wednesday 18 July, so if you want to apply, you only have a few days left.

With the metal recycling yard currently based in Bellozanne Valley, EMR Jersey knows how important it is to support the Island’s sustainability.

Kerri Thomas, EMR Jersey Site Manager, said: “This Fund is our way of supporting the Island and assisting with its sustainability by supporting projects that enhance our Island’s environment. Whether you want to organise a clean up in your local area, or establish a green initiative, we want to hear from you.

“The closing date is fast approach and we want to make sure that everyone has had an opportunity to apply.”

To apply, please send an email or letter to the address below which includes the name of your organisation or cause, where it is based, what it does to support the local community and environment, what funding is required and what it will be used for. Also, please provide your contact details so that we can get in touch.

The closing date is Wednesday 18 July 2018 and we will notify the successful applicants within 28 days of this date.


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Terms and conditions apply. 

Terms & Conditions

  • The receipt of all applications will be acknowledged and the decision date confirmed
  • The Community Fund contribution will differ between charities and community groups depending on requirements
  • EMR Jersey may make part donations rather than the full cost requested or may not make any awards in a given year
  • EMR Jersey reserves the right to decline unsuitable applications
  • The funding must be spent within twelve months of the contribution being made and full details provided on completion. An update report will be required at six months if the completion of the project is longer than this
  • PR activity will take place when the donations is made, and by applying to the Community Fund each charity/community group agrees and gives permission to participate in such PR activity
  • Recipients must work with, and allow EMR Jersey to handle all media activity and should not approach local media regarding the contribution without liaising with EMR Jersey first
  • Funding receivers must be able to submit photographs and provide copies of receipts etc. to show how the funding has been spent
  • Any third parties associated with the donation are not permitted to carry out any media activity without EMR Jersey’s approval

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