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The Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service and EMR work in partnership to hone fire prevention and management procedures

11 July 2018

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service (MFRS) recently joined forces with metal recycler, EMR based at Alexandra Docks, Liverpool, to run a joint exercise designed to prepare them both in the event of a fire at the site.

The exercise was established to better familiarise MFRS with EMR's improved fire prevention plan and to prepare them for some of the unique scenarios they might encounter in the event of a fire at the site.

The exercise took place on Tuesday 26th June 2018 and was directed by Station Manager Franny Hill from MFRS and EMR site manager Andrew Semple. To make the scenario as realistic as possible an exercise call was made via 999 and MFRS assets were mobilised from a designated rendezvous point outside of the EMR site. Prior to the arrival of MFRS on site the EMR team initiated their fire management procedures, including utilising the recently purchased dock extraction pump which is able to deliver high volumes of water (5000 litres per minute) direct from the dock.

The exercise was deemed a success by both MFRS and EMR managers. MFRS Station Manager Dave Elliot the officer in charge for the exercise stated that, "The EMR staff have done a lot of in-house training and supervisor Robert Winstanley and his team did a good job getting their plan into place prior to the MFRS arrival. By utilising their water extraction pump they were able to get water directed onto the metal stockpile which assists with containing the fire and allows us to set-up our equipment prior to moving the effected materials involved in fire”. Additionally the debrief carried out post exercise helped to identify new and innovative ways a fire could be controlled by utilising some of the on-site machinery to lift burning material away from stockpiles into clear areas for easier extinguishing.

Phil Hoare, EMR General Manager stated: “This was not a drill for the EMR team, it was a test of the skills they have been learning and practising over the last year and an opportunity to optimise their capability. The success of the day and the praise from MFRS is testament to how hard they have worked – well done to Andrew and his team!”

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