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Local schools to benefit from metal recycling collection at Golden Square Warrington

4 February 2020

Recycle bins at Golden Square

Warrington-headquartered metal recycler, EMR Metal Recycling is inviting the local community to recycle unwanted household metal items for a good cause, following the installation of metal collection bins in Golden Square Warrington. The initiative is being launched in collaboration with the shopping centre and landowner JLL.

Visitors will be able to find three metal collection bins in the shopping centre’s ground floor car park, and can drop off common waste metal items - such as copper piping, pots and pans, food and drink cans, radiators, garden tools and more - for recycling during the shopping centre’s opening hours.

At the end of the trial period, all collected metals will be weighed in at a local EMR depot with the total value of the metal being donated to a local school. EMR is inviting local schools to register to be entered into a draw to receive the funds, with the winning school to be announced at the end of March.

Recent research from the global metal recycler revealed that 15.5% of consumers would be encouraged to recycle more if there were incentives for recycling.

The campaign builds upon EMR’s recently launched ‘Recyclabots’ school initiative, which teaches children about the benefits of recycling while rewarding schools for recycling old tech and metal waste through the programme.

Metals are one of the few materials that can be recycled repeatedly without any loss of quality, and recycling them helps prevent valuable resources going to landfill. Recycling metals can also save a significant amount of energy, carbon emissions and water compared to extracting them in their raw form from the ground.

EMR UK Chief Executive, Andrew Brady commented: “The metal collection bins at Golden Square Warrington will make it easier and more convenient for visitors to recycle their old metals. By dropping off unwanted metal items, visitors will not only be helping the planet but also doing their bit for the local community as well.

“We’re excited to donate the full value of the collected metal to a good cause, and invite local schools to get in touch to register for the draw.”

Golden Square Shopping Centre Director, Ian Cox said: “As a shopping destination that sits at the heart of the city, it’s our duty to the community to ensure we are doing our bit to help make Warrington a more sustainable place to live. We are not only thrilled to be involved in such a worthwhile scheme but, to be also chosen as the location in which to launch the initiative, is a great honour. Recycling is a huge part of our ongoing commitment to improving the local environment and this is the perfect project in which to directly work with our shoppers to achieve this.

“The added benefit of collecting metal is the fact that we can also generate much-needed funds for local schools, as well as providing a wonderful opportunity in which to inform the younger members of our town how important it is to recycle and how everyone can do their bit.”

Visitors to Golden Square Warrington shopping centre will be able to drop off their unwanted metals in the bins for recycling until 29 February 2020.

For more information on the household metal items that can and can’t be dropped off in the Golden Square Warrington metal recycling collection bins, please see the below table:

Any waste metal items including:

  • Pots and pans
  • Metal pipes
  • Clean food or drink cans
  • Metal fixings
  • Metal ornaments / decorations
  • Metal tools

We cannot accept:

  • Electrical items
  • Light bulbs
  • Lamps or lights with glass shades
  • Dirty items
  • Electrical medical devices such as defibrillators
  • Car batteries
  • Aerosols & canisters
  • Gas cylinders

To register your local school for the donation draw, please email

The scheme has been developed in response to the ‘Waste to Wealth Initiative’ by Business in the Community, The Prince’s Responsible Business Network. EMR and JLL are two of seven Waste to Wealth Champions committed to identifying challenges and developing innovative solutions to avoid catastrophic climate change and restore the health of our environment.

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